Benefits to Scholars at IUPUI

21st Century Scholars at IUPUI become part of a strong and growing community of focused, success-oriented students with support that provides numerous benefits. Jaguar 21st Century Scholars can access additional funding assistance through the the IUPUI 21st Century Scholars Pledge Grant, available to students participating in the 21st Century Scholars Success Program at IUPUI.

The 21st Century Scholars family offers support and praise, building confidence and self-esteem for students. The program is a consistent source of inspiration, fellowship, and fun! Staff and peer mentors offer a realistic perspective of the university environment through candid insights and stories of personal experience. Scholars will find a welcoming environment in the 21st Century Scholars Success Center with comfortable study spaces, a computer lab, and available printing. Staff and mentors are located there as well to provide support when students encounter new and challenging situations, personally or academically.

Beyond the resources of the Success Center, programming for 21st Century Scholars through ScholarKaleidoscope and ScholarCents includes valuable experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities and are paired with exciting incentives and giveaways.